I-DEAS Update Training

Easy to Learn and Use

I-DEAS Update Training helps experienced I-DEAS users become productive quickly on the latest version of I-DEAS.

Developed by SDRC application engineers, this Web-based training provides a wide range of topics with overviews, detailed descriptions, self-paced tutorials and a library of parts and assemblies to help users learn the new functionality.

I-DEAS 8 Update Training is available in English, French, German and Japanese versions.

Completely Updated for I-DEAS 8

I-DEAS Update Training has been developed from the ground up for I-DEAS 8. You won't find the same content here as in the I-DEAS Master Series 7 Update Training - it's all new for I-DEAS 8. This is truly the training experienced users need!

Get There Faster... with I-DEAS 8 Update Training

For the experienced I-DEAS user, I-DEAS 8 Update Training answers the questions:

  • What's new that I need to know?
  • How does this help me do my job?
  • How do I use this new capability?

I-DEAS Update Training is available through your annual maintenance - so be sure to include it.



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