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- First collaborative solution to integrate design automation and product data management -

CINCINNATI, OH and BOSTON, MA-February 26, 2001-SDRC (Nasdaq: SDRC) today announced, at the Daratech Summit 2001, I-DEAS Enterprise, an integration of SDRC's award-winning I-DEAS mechanical design automation (MDA) products and its market leading Metaphase product knowledge management (PKM) technology. This new product enables scalable, enterprise-wide design data management to support product development teams that cross discipline, geographic, and company boundaries.

I-DEAS Enterprise brings specific customer benefits. For Ford Motor Company, as an example, managing globally dispersed product development teams places demanding requirements on MDA and PKM solutions. The Ford C3P project team has been working closely with SDRC in the specification and development of I-DEAS Enterprise to provide the solution to meet these unique requirements. The I-DEAS Enterprise product meets the challenge of a truly integrated MDA and PKM solution for Ford's globally dispersed product development teams.

"SDRC's integration of their PKM enterprise data management methods and services as the foundation for data sharing with their MDA I-DEAS application is an enormous step forward in enabling I-DEAS users to collaborate among geographically dispersed groups," said Ed Miller, president, CIMdata. "This integration has been anxiously anticipated by SDRC's I-DEAS customer base."

I-DEAS Enterprise brings strategic, key benefits to product development environments, including:

    True integration. In I-DEAS Enterprise, both the MDA user and the PKM user are presented with the same view into product structure and product information. Through a single user interface for all users, I-DEAS Enterprise provides a distributed, virtual, and secure navigation of a company's product development environment.

    Scalability. I-DEAS Enterprise offers a virtually unlimited scope for the number of users, amount of data, and geographical reach. This provides significant benefits to companies whose product development team is geographically distributed including the capabilities to allow a company's suppliers to participate in the product development team in a managed and secure fashion.

    Desktop integration. The I-DEAS Enterprise Team Browser has a Windows look and feel, and an easy, wizard-based installation utility, as well as a team-based administrative utility.

    Unifying Technology. SDRC has combined the technologies of I-DEAS, Metaphase, and newly developed Java-based components in the Team Browser. By aligning these technologies, SDRC offers a ready-to-install collaboration solution for geographically dispersed product development teams.

"With a product development team that spans five geographical sites, over 100 users, plus additional partner suppliers, ESI faces a number of challenges," said Laila Hirr, engineering systems manager, Electro Scientific Industries. "I-DEAS Enterprise provides the solution to the challenge of managing, sharing, and securing our engineering product development information across our complete product development team."

"Collaboration is really the bridge between classic design automation and product data management," said Glenn Wienkoop, president and COO, SDRC. "Over time, SDRC envisions that the market will merge into a unified data and collaboration environment. I-DEAS Enterprise represents a next-generation product that blends PDM and MDA with a new collaborative user interface, and takes a major step towards redefining enterprise level design automation. We intend to lead this move in integrating, not interfacing, CAD geometric data with enterprise PDM. I-DEAS Enterprise creates a unique push-pull synergy between I-DEAS and Metaphase for the best-in-class enterprise solution."

Available in Q1 The first product on the market to integrate MDA and PKM, I-DEAS Enterprise will be available in March. For local and international pricing, contact your SDRC representative, or call SDRC directly at 1-800-848-7372 (513/576-2400).

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