SDRC Establishes Alliance with BEA Systems, Inc.

- SDRC is aggressively evolving Accelis™ with new version, extending lifecycle management ability -

CINCINNATI-March 13, 2001-SDRC (Nasdaq: SDRC) today announced an alliance with BEA Systems, Inc., one of the world's leading e-business infrastructure software companies, to develop applications compatible with BEA WebLogic® Server, the market-leading Web application server. SDRC is deploying Accelis on the BEA Weblogic Server™ platform, with plans in place for possible additional applications.

SDRC also announces version 2.2 of its Accelis e-business integration (e-BI) solution. With Accelis 2.2, SDRC extends its collaborative ability through a connector to Sherpa®, an improved Metaphase® connector with extension of lifecycle management functionality, and support of HPUX 11.0 was added to the already supported platforms of NT and Solaris.

Accelis customers represent global manufacturers in the aerospace/defense, biomedical, high technology, telecommunications, and power markets, including Boeing, Matra BAE Dynamics, BF Goodrich, and Kulicke & Soffa among others. "As extended-enterprise product development shifts more and more to the web, SDRC is delivering crucial customer value by integrating with BEA's market-leading web application server and developing future products to operate in conjunction with it," said Glenn Wienkoop, president and COO, SDRC. "Our integration of Accelis with the BEA WebLogic Server is just the start of a dynamic web-based solutions initiative that will leverage standards."

Accelis has three core components. Its foundation is the Accelis Product Knowledge Broker, which contains all the elements to build and deploy solutions. The second component is the Accelis Domain Library, which houses the domains that are required to organize information in terms of predefined business operations, such as transferring bills of material or engineering change orders. The third component is the Accelis Connector Catalog, which houses the connectors that serve as gateways to data sources and feed information to the domains.

About SDRC
SDRC (Structural Dynamics Research Corporation), with headquarters in Ohio, provides software solutions and services that propel manufacturers to increased business competitiveness through the development of a web-based, collaborative environment for product development. SDRC employs more than 2,500 people worldwide, with 65 offices in 18 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

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