eI-DEAS    2.4 The Newsletter for I-DEAS Users -- November 3, 2000

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Future "Innovate or Die" Seminars on Tap
A Heavy Tutorial on Weight Versus Mass
Find Answers Faster with Search
Web-based I-DEAS Update Training
I-DEAS Reference Books

Future "Innovate or Die" Seminars On Tap

The first run of Return on Innovation (aka "Innovate or Die") Seminars in North America were attended by hundreds of executives, managers, engineers, and designers that are concerned about injecting innovation into their product development cycles and delivering great products to market. SDRC expects to offer a number of opportunities for you to attend an ROI seminar in the future. Watch this space:

A Heavy Tutorial on Weight Versus Mass

The concept of "mass" is often confused with the concept of "weight." The distinction between the two units of measure and between the two physical concepts should be understood to intelligently use I-DEAS. This article will hopefully help explain this distinction, why I-DEAS cares about it and why you should too.

Find Answers Faster with Search

The search engine included with the new HTML-based online Help Library in I-DEAS, does not work the same as Internet server-based search engines. Here's how to "Get There Faster" when you're searching in the Help Library:

Web-based I-DEAS Update Training
I-DEAS Update Training helps experienced I-DEAS users become productive quickly on the latest version of I-DEAS. This Web-based training (available in English, French, German, and Japanese) provides a wide range of topics with overviews, detailed descriptions, self-paced tutorials and a library of parts and assemblies to help users learn the new functionality.

I-DEAS Reference Books
Did you know that a variety of reference books are for sale? Here's a sample of titles:
I-DEAS Student Guide
Parametric Modeling with IDEAS 8
Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using IDEAS 8
Mastering I-DEAS
For more information on these and other titles, see:


Here are some of the major announcements SDRC has made in the past month:

SDRC Expert Al Klosterman Inducted into the CAD/CAM Hall of Fame

Land Rover Adopts SDRC Metaphase® and I-DEAS®

SDRC Reports $106 Million in Revenue

SDRC and Oracle Form Strategic Partnership

SDRC Announces Metaphase® Express

SDRC Announces Accelis™ Version 2.0


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