SDRC Announces FEMAP 8.0

- FEMAP 8.0 introduces new Finite Element (FE) solver technology as well as enhanced FE modeling functionality

CINCINNATI-November 28, 2000-SDRC (Nasdaq: SDRC), a global supplier of e-business collaboration solutions for the product lifecycle, today announced the release and immediate availability of SDRC FEMAPO 8.0, a major software release of the Windows-based Pre- and Post-Processor for engineering finite element analysis. With over 10,000 commercial licenses worldwide, FEMAP is the industry-leading CAE tool on the Windows desktop for CAD-neutral, solver-neutral engineering modeling, visualization and results processing.

"SDRC is committed to quickly implementing our corporate strategy to provide e-business solutions for global product development processes including the extended virtual supply chain," said Glenn Wienkoop, president and COO, SDRC. "In support of this goal, FEMAP 8.0 represents our continued focus on all of SDRC's e-MDA product line which includes I-DEAS, FEMAP and Imageware."

FEMAP 8.0 features first time availability of high-performance integrated FE solvers. With the release of the new FEMAP Structural and FEMAP Thermal product lines, users can perform a complete product performance analysis within the same desktop tool.

FEMAP Structural combines FEMAP and time-tested proven SDRC solver technology derived from the I-DEAS Model Solution finite element solver. SDRC's I-DEAS Model Solution has a three-decade history of supporting engineers in the design and optimization of engineering structures. Fully integrated with FEMAP, engineers can model, analyze, and visualize the complex behavior of engineered structures and systems from the convenience of the Windows desktop. FEMAP Structural includes state-of-the-art sparse matrix and iterative solvers for extremely fast analysis turnaround times.

FEMAP Thermal provides advanced thermal simulation integrated within the FEMAP modeling environment and a complete analysis solution for conduction, convection, fluid flow, and radiation for both transient and steady state thermal simulations. Leading aerospace, automotive and electronics companies use the I-DEAS TMG analysis technology to simulate complex thermal physics and improve product design. Based on this widely used I-DEAS TMG technology, FEMAP Thermal supports a wide range of industry applications but is particularly well suited to spacecraft thermal simulation including radiation analysis and orbital heating. FEMAP Thermal is developed and integrated within FEMAP by MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd, Montreal, Canada, a leading software developer of expert thermal and fluid flow simulation tools.

As part of the extended functionality in the core FEMAP modeling products, FEMAP 8.0 introduces the Analysis Case Manager, making it possible for engineers to quickly and easily specify, edit, organize and save the vast amount of setup data required for the numerous load, constraint, input parameters, and output requests inherent in finite element analysis. FEMAP 8.0 also continues the long-standing tradition of close customer support by adding numerous modeling and visualization requests recommended by current FEMAP users.

FEMAP 8.0 is immediately available through SDRC's worldwide network of local distributors and representatives or can be purchased at, SDRC's customer relationship management portal.

About SDRC
SDRC (Structural Dynamics Research Corporation) is a leading global provider of e-business collaboration solutions for the product lifecycle. The Company's products address the areas of e-Mechanical Design Automation (e-MDA), e-Product Knowledge Management (e-PKM), e-Collaborative Products (e-CP), and e-Business Integration (e-BI). Coupled with process engineering and consulting services, the Company's solutions facilitate innovation through collaboration, enabling industry leaders to optimize product development early in the design process, increase productivity, and significantly improve time-to-market. SDRC employs more than 2,500 people worldwide, with 77 offices in 18 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

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