SDRC Return On Innovation™ Seminar Series

Innovate or Die! The world we live in demands innovation and collaboration in all aspects of business.
Innovation can and must be managed. Today's most successful companies manage their innovation
assets as aggressively as they do their financial assets.

This ˝ day seminar is for investigating the winning strategies for facilitating innovation and
collaboration in your company, beginning with new product development and ultimately permeating
through the enterprise. An overview of the strategy highlighted by Bill Dresselhaus, author of the book
"ROI: Return On Innovation", with the profiles of three leading companies and their recipes for
innovation will be presented.

ROI Seminar Invitation

Download an interactive Flash invitation (or click here to view it without downloading it), which includes
everything you need to know including city locations, times, seminar details, speakers, and registration
information. (Unix users or others without Flash capabilities: please e-mail or call the number below to

Space is limited. Call 1-800-811-0490 or e-mail to register today!

Attendees will receive a FREE copy of Bill's latest book "ROI: Return On Innovation", a $75 value, and
become registered to win a new SGI 330 NT Workstation, flat panel display, and pre-loaded with
I-DEAS® e-MDA software.

North American Seminar Locations & Dates include:

Boston, MA - October 16, 2000
Herndon, VA - October 17, 2000
Toronto, ON - October 18, 2000
Chicago, IL - October 24, 2000
Detroit, MI - October 25, 2000
Dallas, TX - October 31, 2000
Santa Clara, CA - November 1, 2000
Irvine, CA - November 2, 2000

Future ROI Seminars

The first run of ROI Seminars in North America were attended by hundreds of executives, managers,
engineers, and designers that are concerned about injecting innovation into their product development
cycles and delivering great products to market. SDRC expects to offer a number of opportunities for you
to attend an ROI seminar in the future. If you are interested in attending one of these seminars, please
fill out this form.

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